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The Last One


As I sit here typing this post, he is sitting next to me, explaining the detailed issues between “Zig and Sharko” on Netflix.

“Oh no!  Stingrays!” , he says.

A giggle follows as he scoots a little closer.  He grabs his “blankie” and immediately goes for the gigantic hole that he has worked back into after the countless times his Nana has fixed it.  (* You see, he loves the batting inside)

The blanket wiggles back and forth from his little fingers rubbing the soft aged cotton inside.  At what point will this blanket completely disintegrate from the constant abuse?  (I think)

By now, he is practically underneath my side and that glorious lime green blanket is lovingly rubbing my arm.  I already knew that this would be the end result.  Not a day goes by that I do not get asked, “Mommy, can I rub your arm?”  Because I know it is a comfort thing for him, I always oblige.  🙂


Now…… I can’t seem to get rid of this lump in my throat.

Ugh!  I knew this day was going to come, but still, I guess deep down,  I could avoid it somehow!

My mind immediately throws me back to almost six years ago when I was sitting in my bedroom, telling Z we were pregnant.  I had a plan and it DIDN’T involve being pregnant with a 3rd child at the time.

However, God had other plans for me.  You see, God remembered how I use to sit and stare at  Z and the girls and be so INSANELY jealous of the relationship they had.  How I would be with them all day long and the moment that man stepped in the door, they would instantly go running to him like he was a Rock Star and not leave his side the entire night until bedtime.  Or how we could be anywhere and they would want him before they would want me.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I know my girls loved and do love me, but it’s different with their Daddy.  You love both of your parents but there is something about a girl’s love for her Daddy.  I knew that because of how I love my own.


Anxiety is now setting in…….


Will his teacher be understanding when he says he is hungry a MILLION times, when he  just ate something 5 minutes earlier?



Will his teacher be able to resist his “pout face” he uses when he wants something?


Is she going to understand his bursts of energy?


What if he needs me?  Will I feel it?

I asked him a few things tonight.  First, “if your teacher asks you a question and your answer is yes, what do you say?”  “Yes, ma’am”.

“Good!  I said.”

“Ok, if your teacher asks you a question and the answer is no, what do you say?”  “No, ma’am”.


“When Mommy misses you tomorrow, what is she supposed to do?”  He paused……  Then he thought…….

“Ummm, go to the Grocery Store?”


So, there it is FOLKS!

I guess if you need me tomorrow and every school day after that, you can find me at the Grocery Store……. ALL…DAY….LONG.  😉

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I’m Back, JACK! …….. and I got some Vodka Sauce to go with it!

Whoo!  It has been a long time since I have been able to type on these pretty pages.

It’s not my fault though, it’s my HUSBAND”S FAULT!!!

Let me explain:

First, he goes and get’s me hooked on Breaking Bad.  Did I mention that I had never seen a single episode?  He tells me, “Don’t worry sweetie.  Netflix has all of them and you can watch them all there!”

Word of advice:  Never watch it!  You will become consumed and it will take over your life.

Well, I finally finished all the episodes and I was done.  Life was worth living again and I was fine.

Enter:  Sons of Anarchy!

Again!  My husband says, “You have to watch this!  Netflix has all of them too!”

“NO!”, I said.

“Just watch one episode and you don’t have to watch anymore”, he says.

Five seasons later (*Don’t judge me!), I am finally alive again and not living in a leather made world of tattoos and motorcycles.  (*Except for on Tuesday nights when the current season comes on…….)

I have neglected you and I feel bad about it.


As a peace offering, I give you this:

The easiest ever Shrimp Fettuccine in Vodka Sauce!


Now, I was going to try and make my own Vodka Sauce, but by the time I added up all the ingredients that I would need to make my own, it just seemed more reasonable to go another route.

I am a very practical girl and I’m not afraid to use a bottled sauce every now and again.

I usually buy Bertolli products when I purchase my pasta, so since they had a Vodka Sauce, I decided to go with them.


So so yummy!


I used shrimp and a lot of it because my family is what you call BIG EATERS, but you could definitely use chicken.

Best part is that this is probably a 20 minute meal!


Not to mention that it only has 5 ingredients and the whole family will LOVE IT!


Here you go!

Recipe:  Shrimp Fettuccine in Vodka Sauce



– 1 – 2 lbs. of Raw Medium Shrimp, peeled   ( I used 2 only because I have a family of 5 and they eat A LOT!) or 1 lb. Chicken Breast, cut into cubes in place of Shrimp

– 16 oz. Fettuccine

– 2 tbsp. Olive Oil ( I use extra virgin)

– 2 (24oz) jars of Vodka Sauce (*I used Bertolli)   *I USED 2 JARS BECAUSE I HAD 2 LBS. OF SHRIMP, BUT YOU COULD DEFINITELY USE 1 JAR)   OR  still use 2 jars if you like a lot of Sauce.

– 2 tbsp. fresh chopped Basil (Optional)



– Cook Fettuccine according to package directions.

– Meanwhile, heat a large skillet on medium heat.

– Add Olive Oil and Shrimp and saute 4 minutes or until shrimp are cooked and are no longer opaque.  *Try not to overcook shrimp!  Set aside.

– In the same skillet, heat Vodka Sauce and let simmer for 10 minutes.

– Return cooked Shrimp to pan with sauce and add cooked Fettuccine.

– Top with chopped fresh Basil.

– Serve immediately.

*NOTE:  If using Chicken, cut chicken into cubes and saute’ in place of shrimp about 6 to 7 minutes or until chicken is no longer pink and cooked through.  Continue with recipe.



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