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Ghostly Chains


Halloween Decorating

I love sprucing up the house for different Holidays.  I especially love doing it for Halloween.

My mom,  as well as my mother in law always do atleast a little decorating on the inside for it.

You don’t have to do much.  I just take some “scary” things and put a little around the house.

For instance. . . . .

No coffee center would be complete without a few orange coffee cups, equipped with their own ghostly chains to drink out of.


A dead black rose and bones for stirring your cream and sugar.

Of course, if you aren’t careful . . . . . .


things can become a bit “overgrown”.

While pesky critters may come out to play!



However, you must REMEMBER,  any Good Witch  will tell you . . .



ALWAYS  decorate your foyer.





NEVER  dust for cobwebs,





ALWAYS  put out your best Skeleton Heads,





And ALWAYS  keep Lists.



And NEVER EVER   forget your Black Cat.







Happy Haunting!





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