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UPDATE: Master Bathroom Shower

So, as you know, a couple of weeks ago, I gave you the week of the “Ewws, the Yucks, and the Awes!”

You got your fair share of the Ewws and Yucks.

If you don’t remember, allow me to remind you:

Remember Exibit A???


What about……

Exibit B????

(Don’t worry.  I’m not going to show anymore.)

We had to make the decision to redo our Master Shower after finding out that it was leaking water into our bedroom when we were installing new flooring.

Well, the shower  looks a lot different now!  Think I finally got my Awe!

After all that dark gunky mess, all I wanted to see was light and bright!

I am very pleased with how it turned out!

I wanted the look to be vintage, so I went with an octogonal designed tile for the floor.  We used this for the flooring in the rest of the bathroom as well.  The grout color was a dark grey.  From what I have seen, charcoal is a common color for vintage bathroom grout, but I didn’t want it to look black, so I chose to go this route instead.

I chose a plain white subway tile for the wall with white grout.  I really wanted things to look bright and I figured that using white grout would give me that look.  The best part was all the tile was bought at either my local Lowe’s or Home Depot store.  When I cleaned Home Depot out of their stock, I went right over to Lowe’s.  They were different name brands, but the look and dimensions were the same, so you can’t tell the difference in product.

The contractor suggested going all the way to the ceiling with the tile and I’m glad he did.  It really gives it a much grander look and draws your eye upwards, so it makes the shower look bigger than it really is.

Is it possible to be in love with a shower fixture?  Because I think I am.  Pretty sure I understand the meaning to “love at first sight” now.

It has a shower head and a seperate hand held.  For me, this was so important, because I hate cleaning showers and a hand held shower head really makes this so much easier to get to all the nooks and crannies.

I really felt like the exposed plumbing pipe of the fixture added to it’s vintage charm, so I really wanted a face plate that would continue that look.  The  porcelain  knobs that say Hot and Cold, as well as the Arrow, helped add to it.

I absolutely love this shower head.  The lady at the store was really nice and was looking out for me.  The original shower head that was on the faucet in the display room was different and she told me that with the thick hair I had, I would be standing there for years trying to rinse the shampoo out due to no water pressure in it.  She suggested I go with this one instead and it has really made a difference.  I haven’t had any problems.

HOWEVER!  BE WARNED!  When you go into a Kitchen and Bath store to buy a faucet, it is like going into an expensive restaurant where everything on the menu is a la carte!  The pole and cord to my hand held was one price.  Then the shower head was another, then the hand held was another, and then the face plate was another.

Needless to say, I paid a bit for my faucet.

It was definitely a SPLURGE, but I feel it was worth it because I know that I will be in this house for quite some time and it will probably be a nice selling feature when the times comes.  I did manage to make up for it a little because my shower doors should have been $300, but were on sale for only $79.  SCORE!


Those were all views from the outside looking in.  But this is usually my view from the inside looking out.

Yes, Buster always guards the shower when I’m taking one.

However, below is a more accurate picture of what my view usually is from the inside looking out.

No, privacy is not something we get much in this household as of yet.


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The week of the “Ewws, Yucks, and Aahs!”

I’m calling this the week of “The Ewwwwws, The Yucks, and the Aahs!


Why you might ask?


Well, the answer is simple.


My house had a lot of Ewwwwws, a whole lot of Yucks and I hope it is now finally starting to have some Aahs.  The Aahs are not completely finished yet.  I still have some things to tweak.  But, for the most part, I smile everytime I walk into one of the rooms we have updated.  : )


Our first “Ewwww!” is brought to you today, courtesy of our Master Bath Shower.

I have to be honest.  At this angle, it doesn’t look that bad.  However, after trying to rip up the carpet in our Master Bedroom so that we could lay new flooring, we stumbled upon a nasty surprise.  The shower had a crack in the floor and had been leaking into the bedroom on the other side of the wall.

Here is another Ewww.  The corner where it was seeping into our bedroom.  I thought that lovely mildewy substance on the bottom of the baseboard was simply something the previous homeowner had spilt once upon a time and didn’t clean up.  It wasn’t until I rubbed my finger over it, that I realized I was VERY WRONG!


This is another angle of the same corner.  (Another Ewwww!)


Now for the YUCKS!  This is the wall on the bathroom side where it was seeping into the Master on the other side.


More YUCK!  and YES!  That is mold.  : (

Straight on YUCKY view of the shower.


But WAIT!  There’s more.  Why not take a closer look?


Still not satisfied?  You want me to go even closer?

Imagine my HORROR when I found out that the dark black stuff in the middle was actually H2O!

I promise this is all the pics of the Ewws/Yucks bathroom pics I am posting.


Because I know you just had your breakfast,

I would like to post yet another picture.  Maybe you think it’s an “Ewww”.  Maybe you think it’s a “Yuck”.

I personally think it’s an “AAH!” 


Meet my Halloween alter ego, “Earl”.  The roughest, toughest, toothless, hairiest, deer shootin, beer drinkin Redneck out there!

Please don’t be mad because I’m prettier than you.

Jealousy can be an ugly thing!



*P.S. –  Aahs to follow soon!

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