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I scream! You scream! We all scream for COFFEE!!!

Decorating has been on my mind as of lately.

Well, ok.  It’s ALWAYS on my mind.  Wish it weren’t, but it is.


Thanks to lovely Pinterest, I just did a cool coffee station in my dining room.  One of my good friends “pinned” it to one of her boards and I just had to do it in my own house.

Having a coffee station allows you to free up much needed counter space.  I have a Bunn coffee maker, so it sticks really far out and it really only worked in one place on my counters.

This is my version.  (I know the shelf is off center, so I fixed it.  Just wasn’t smart enough to post another pic reflecting that).

I snagged this cabinet at Homegoods.  I had seen it one day and told myself that if I went back a few days later and it was there, I would get it.  Anybody who has been to a Homegoods knows that you can go there, fall in love with something, and then go back an hour later and it’s GONE!  They have such great deals on things, that they fly out of the store.  Especially furniture pieces.

I love it because not only can I put my coffee there, but now I have a spot for my wine.

This bottle looks lonely right now, but soon she will have lots of friends to play with.  : ) › Continue reading

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