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Vintage Style


Holiday Home Tour: Casa Verde


WARNING!!!!  This is a long post…… which you will love and not mind sitting and looking at.  Women, prepare to drool.  Men, prepare to hold onto your wallets, while your lady loves get more decorating ideas.  In fact, Men, you might just go shopping too!

I am soooooo excited about this Holiday Home Tour!

I have the sweetest friends who were nice enough to let me invade their BEAUTIFUL home the other morning and take a few pictures.  When I first thought about doing a Holiday Home Tour, they were the first ones I thought of and I am just so happy that they agreed to let me come on in!

Machel and Jerrad are the very talented owners of Vintage Marquee Lights.  They create the COOLEST Lighting Art you will ever see.  If you get a chance, check out their site here.


They have a Charleston style home in a neighborhood near mine and let me just tell you, it is GORGEOUS!


Inside, the foyer welcomes you in with a stunning white Christmas tree, decorated with vintage style ornaments.  Machel painted the wall treatment herself that stands behind it.  The garland that goes up the stair case is adorned with the same style ornaments.


The grand light in the foyer is practically an art sculpture itself.


To the left of the foyer is the most adorable little playroom/den for their son.  I’m so jealous of these sliding barn doors that  Jerrad and a friend made themselves.  At least I know who to call when I want to tackle the project in my own home!


Here is a view looking in to the room from the foyer.  Seriously!  They have more creative talent in their pinky finger than I have in my ENTIRE body!


I love how they decorate with their products throughout their home.


Towards the back of the house is the living room and kitchen area, with the most adorable little fireplace.  The chalkboard fire casts the cutest  little “glow”.  😉


Machel didn’t want to go for just ordinary white cabinets when she was decorating her kitchen.  So, she took some of her favorite fabric and pieced it behind the wood trim, hiding the seam.  The shelves also help keep it in place.  The result is stunning!

I really love this idea, so grab those extra remnants of fabric people and DO NOT throw them out!


A set of old vintage lockers hold their stockings in the corner, while a surfboard still reminds you that the beach is only minutes away.


The industrial style light fixture (WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE) hangs over the bar area, where a cute little table top tree stands watch.


Towards the middle of the house, a magnificent display of twinkling lights and paper stars hang.


View from the dining room.


A quick peek inside the downstairs bathroom, shows a chalkboard lined with garland made from ornaments, a DIY project of Machel’s.  “Casa Verde” is the name Machel and Jerrad gave to their home.  Mine would read more like “Casa Loco”.  In case you are wondering what mine might translate to, it would be “CRAZY HOUSE”!


Another DIY project in the dining room, is the Chandelier.  If you take a closer look, you will see that it is clothes pins that make up the body of the chandelier. CLOTHES PINS, PEOPLE!  Why didn’t I think of that?


The letters that spell “Joy”, very appropriate for the Holidays, is a creation of Machel and Jerrad’s and can be purchased on their site as well.


If I ever convince my hubby to let me remove the carpet on our stairs, this is exactly what will go in it’s place.  I cannot express how much I love this!


I love how the stairs continue to count up as you go.  It adds so much character to the home.


It just goes to show you that you don’t have to buy an old home in order to obtain that character.  You can have a new home and put some of that character into it yourself!


On to the baby’s room!  This little boy is very lucky!  This is one of the most stylish baby rooms I have ever seen.




Christmas books double as art pieces on IKEA shelves,  lining the wall.



Who wouldn’t want to sit a while and read a Christmas book or two in this corner?


An upstairs bathroom gets in the spirit too with an “I Believe in Santa Clause” picture and a series of Nutcrackers keeping watch.


The Master Bedroom gets festive too.  Lit garland drapes the top of the headboard, while the lit Peace Symbol can’t help but remind you of John Lennon’s “Imagine” song.


The vanity’s mirror is not forgotten.  Nor is the modern reindeer head that shows so distinctly.  Frosted garland and a festive wreath dress the two.


Jewelry is displayed in the corner, while a dazzling full length mirror helps Machel get ready for her Holiday parties.


I couldn’t finish up this post without talking about the Master Bath.  The rustic peace symbol over the tub and the Capiz shell chandelier make such a great combo with their eclectic married look.


When Machel found out she couldn’t actually put a hanging chandelier over the tub, she didn’t let that stop her.  She knew what look she wanted, so she decided to secure a non lit capiz shell chandelier around the existing  standard light, giving the allusion of having a chandelier.   BRILLIANT IDEA!  *The  girl knows what she wants!  😉


Instead of using interior lights to go over the vanity, she used exterior ones.  I love how they both have such an aged look patina.


A quick look from the upstairs looking down.


Before we finish, take a look at their front doorway.  It’s amazing what using some interior pieces outside can do for a space.  They talk about bringing the outdoors in, but I say take the indoors out!  This is such a cozy look and you haven’t even gone in yet!


I am such a sucker for chalkboards and I think I might just have to steal this idea!  Too cute!


See!  I told you, you would love every minute of this post!  I think the only thing left to ask here is when can I move in?

*A special thank you to Machel and Jerrad for letting me invade “Casa Verde” and take these pictures.  They are an amazingly talented couple with great design ideas.  I pray they do more projects, which I will gladly come back and take more photographs of for you and I to drool over.

Check them out on Facebook and while you are there, give them a “like” so you can stay up to date with all the new exciting stuff they are working on! Don’t forget to visit their site to!  

Happy Decorating!



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