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Family Behavior System


“SCHOOOOOOOOLS   OUT……..   FOR……………  SUMMER!”       Yes it is!

I kind of did a little freak out when Summer first started.  Obviously, I love my little babies, but I’m not gonna lie!  Towards the end of the school year, they all started to get these little attitudes where they just thought that they could say whatever they wanted, act however they wanted,  and be as nasty to eachother as they wanted.   It was starting to get really bad, so I did what any other mother would do……..  I turned to the BUS STOP!

You can find a lot of things out at the Bus Stop!

I had heard the word on the street was Behavior Coupons.  Basically, the kids got rewarded for showing good behavior.  That was alright, I thought.  But I needed something a little more.

I had some pretty good ideas, but no real structure.  If I went with the coupon idea, I would have to make them.  That was fine!  I would just go to the nearest craft store for my supplies, right?  Well,  let me tell you a little about my experience with craft stores.  I love them!  I really do!  The only problem is I go in there and see all these different cool things, buy them, then end up spending $100, come home and have a huge haze over my eyes and try to remember what my original idea was for going to the store in the first place.  I look around at what I bought and have a million different things that have nothing to do with eachother.  Needless to say, it all ends up in a closet somewhere, never to be heard from again.  That reminds me, I need to clean my closets out……



I found it!

The HOLY GRAIL of Behavior Systems!

It’s called Family Do Dots!


It’s so great!  It incorporates Behavior, Responsibilities, Rewards…..  The best thing is, you can tailor it to your family’s specific situation.  I think this is so important because no two families are alike.


Another thing that is great, is that they include the Whole Family !  Of course, you don’t have to do this, but we thought it was important so that we weren’t singling out just the kids.  They make a point to also take things that the children need improvement on, like not hitting or not talking back, and they turn it into a positive thing.  They say things like “Nice Hands” or “Nice Words” instead.  I LOVE THAT!

It all originated when a sweet couple in Utah, decided to make their own system for their family.  After a while, their friends and family were asking them to make them.  They started to think that maybe they had something special and before they knew it, Family Do Dots was a business!  I am so happy they decided to make them because it has been night and day for my family!

The kids start out on what they call Level One, every morning.  They have certain things they have to complete before they can get on Level Two, which is where they have their privileges.  These can be things like watching TV or playing with their electronic devices or anything they really like to do.  *Sidebar:  I have been a little lenient with this since it is Summer.  I let them watch a little TV first thing in the morning, but then make them do their Responsibilities on Level One.  Once the kids have completed these things, they can “flip their magnet”.  This is so much fun for them, because it gives them a sense of accomplishment!  I just love it!


Basically, once the kids get on Level Two, they can get Rewards.  These come in the form of Tickets, which the company provides for you.  They provide everything you need!  At the end of every week, we open our “Family Store”, which has all kinds of goodies, toys (etc.).  FYI:  These do not have to be expensive.  You can go to the dollar store if you want.


The kids take the tickets that they have earned over the course of the week and one by one, go to the Family Store and purchase things with their tickets that they have earned all by themselves just for doing what is expected of them and being good.

I could go on and on about all the great things with this system, but I’m even starting to bore myself here.  LOL!  Please go to their site and check them out!  For less than the price of what I would have spent on my “Craft Store Idea”, I had a full system with access to continued online support and ideas for my family.

Here is another look at the the whole board.


*Keep in mind that this is only what it looks like first thing in the morning.  It becomes very colorful once the kids start flipping their magnets…… and Mom and Dad’s too!  😉

DISCLAIMER:  I am not working with Family Do Dots.  I bought my system just like everyone else.  I just feel so strongly about this system because it has really helped my family.  🙂

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