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New House Update / “Conversation Area”

I wanted to give you an update on our new house.  We have been hard at work trying to get it cozified.  (Yes, I know.  I made that word up.)

Which reminds me, I should probably update my kitchen picture on my “About Me” page.  Maybe later.

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but in my home, the kitchen is the main area everyone likes to congregate.

AND I love that!  I feel like that is exactly where I want everyone.

In the kitchen, talking, eating, and even curling up with a good book?  WHAT?!?

“Curling up with a good book?”  YUP!

In my old kitchen, Z would come home and we would literally hop up on the counter tops, sit there with beer and a glass of wine, and talk about our day.

We would try to do this without interruption from our children, but alas, this never was the case.

Our old home was so tiny, there was no place to hide.  AND I MEAN NO WHERE!

Exibit A:


So, what I’m tryin to say…. is that even if it is just us, and not a million people, we still seem to hang out in the kitchen.

With this being the case, I decided that instead of having a breakfast nook with a table……

I would have a breakfast nook with “A Conversation Area”.   I know what you are thinking.  Why not just call it a Sitting Area?  Well, because I don’t want people to just sit.  I want them to actually Converse with eachother!   : )

The way the layout of my home is designed… the kitchen, dining room, and family room are all open.  So, I didn’t see the need for both a dining room table and a breakfast table.

It’s not completely finished yet.  I still need to hang curtains, and move the original light from the center of the space, over to hang between the two chairs and the side table in the center there.

This is what the space looked like before. ( The day we moved in )

We still have to change out the flooring.  Thank goodness this is laminate and not tile.  Else, we would not be doing them for a while.  It is not fun having to remove tile before laying any kind of wood flooring!

We are going to have to do this in our foyer and I really think that is the reason we keep putting it off.

I absolutely love this Industrial looking side table I snagged at Homegoods.  It has wheels on it, so I can easily move it if I want to.

I got the linen chair from Homegoods as well.  It was missing one little button on one of the arms and the lady knocked $50 off!  Either she was being really nice, or she did her math wrong!  Regardless, I SCORED!



I got my pretty floral bird chair from  I waited until it went on sale.  The fact that their shipping was only $2.50, and they didn’t charge me tax because of the state I lived in, was an added bonus!

I’ll make sure to post more as we do more updates to the space.


I am working on finishing up my office space too, so hopefully I will have more pictures to share on that as well very soon.

This is the before picture of it:

SO, you can imagine that anything I do to it, will probably make the space look better.  I’m trying to “girly” it up, so that certain male species in my home feel uncomfortable being in there after maybe 240.28 seconds.


Happy Monday y’all!






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