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Breakfast Nook


New House Sneak Peek! (Breakfast Nook)

Hello, my favorite people!

Today, I wanted to give you a sneak peek of our new house.  I have had multiple people ask for pictures and I wanted to share with you, some of the things we have done.


This is probably one of my favorite spots in the whole house!  It’s so cozy and I just love it.  To start with, none of the built ins were here.

I knew I wanted to put the built ins here before we even moved in.  I had scoured Pinterest and searched and searched and once I had found the look I wanted, I called the only person I knew who could make it all come to life!  His name is Steve Egloff from The Wandering Woodshop.  Steve is a true craftsman.  He loves what he does and it shows in everything he does.

If you live in the Myrtle Beach area and need any kind of wood work done, he is your man!  You can check out his Facebook page here.

Be forewarned!  I will be bragging about Steve again in the upcoming weeks as I share all the projects he has done at our New Home.  🙂


We have a mudroom area right off our garage that has a built in bench already and I really wanted the space in the breakfast nook to look like it had always been there and wasn’t an addition on our part.  I had Steve mimic the look of that here.

It turned out EXACTLY how I wanted!


I asked him to have it function just like the other one and works perfectly.


He even put felt stoppers in between the closing areas so that it wouldn’t slam shut.  Because of this, it shuts very smoothly.


We purchased the table while we were still in the apartment.  I picked it up from World Market.  I believe they still have them in stock.  The chairs are from Ikea and stay in stock.


Then there is Penelope and Bessie.  My new pets.  Probably as close to actual pets as I will ever get.  (Insert tears here)  I love these paintings.  I received a catalog from Grandin Road before we moved in and I couldn’t think of anything else for this wall space.  I even based how high I wanted my Batten Board on the wall because I knew I would be ordering these.

They are 36 in. sq. and are the smaller of the two sizes they offered.  Can you believe that?  They stole my heart from day one.


Towards the back side of the house, we have a little nook that I had Steve build another bench on.  This serves as multiple things in our house.  It is our quiet spot, reading nook, time out corner, sometimes blogging nook and I love it.  😉


Even though it was tempting to have this bench open for storage, we decided instead to keep it stationary.


We also decided to keep it simple with the moldings on the front and mimic the detail from the breakfast nook slightly to have it all look cohesive.


Well, there you go, my friends!  The first look into our new house and few comfy spots that we love.  I hope you liked taking a little peek into our house with me.

If you enjoyed this post, make sure you check back next week, as I plan on sharing a few dining room pics with you.

I was ecstatic when I was able to keep my chandelier from the old house when the new homeowners weren’t interested in keeping it.  It returns next week to it’s rightful home!

Have a wonderful weekend, EVERYONE!










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New House Update / “Conversation Area”

I wanted to give you an update on our new house.  We have been hard at work trying to get it cozified.  (Yes, I know.  I made that word up.)

Which reminds me, I should probably update my kitchen picture on my “About Me” page.  Maybe later.

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but in my home, the kitchen is the main area everyone likes to congregate.

AND I love that!  I feel like that is exactly where I want everyone.

In the kitchen, talking, eating, and even curling up with a good book?  WHAT?!?

“Curling up with a good book?”  YUP!

In my old kitchen, Z would come home and we would literally hop up on the counter tops, sit there with beer and a glass of wine, and talk about our day.

We would try to do this without interruption from our children, but alas, this never was the case.

Our old home was so tiny, there was no place to hide.  AND I MEAN NO WHERE!

Exibit A:


So, what I’m tryin to say…. is that even if it is just us, and not a million people, we still seem to hang out in the kitchen.

With this being the case, I decided that instead of having a breakfast nook with a table……

I would have a breakfast nook with “A Conversation Area”.   I know what you are thinking.  Why not just call it a Sitting Area?  Well, because I don’t want people to just sit.  I want them to actually Converse with eachother!   : )

The way the layout of my home is designed… the kitchen, dining room, and family room are all open.  So, I didn’t see the need for both a dining room table and a breakfast table.

It’s not completely finished yet.  I still need to hang curtains, and move the original light from the center of the space, over to hang between the two chairs and the side table in the center there.

This is what the space looked like before. ( The day we moved in )

We still have to change out the flooring.  Thank goodness this is laminate and not tile.  Else, we would not be doing them for a while.  It is not fun having to remove tile before laying any kind of wood flooring!

We are going to have to do this in our foyer and I really think that is the reason we keep putting it off.

I absolutely love this Industrial looking side table I snagged at Homegoods.  It has wheels on it, so I can easily move it if I want to.

I got the linen chair from Homegoods as well.  It was missing one little button on one of the arms and the lady knocked $50 off!  Either she was being really nice, or she did her math wrong!  Regardless, I SCORED!



I got my pretty floral bird chair from  I waited until it went on sale.  The fact that their shipping was only $2.50, and they didn’t charge me tax because of the state I lived in, was an added bonus!

I’ll make sure to post more as we do more updates to the space.


I am working on finishing up my office space too, so hopefully I will have more pictures to share on that as well very soon.

This is the before picture of it:

SO, you can imagine that anything I do to it, will probably make the space look better.  I’m trying to “girly” it up, so that certain male species in my home feel uncomfortable being in there after maybe 240.28 seconds.


Happy Monday y’all!






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