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Superhero Themed Boy’s Room


(*Lighting was not on my side this day for picture taking, but oh well…..)

Little Boys!  Ahh…..  I just love it!

You know, when we were starting to have our Babies,  with the first being a girl, then the next being a girl……..

We basically got into a mindset that we were just meant to have little girls, and we were fine with that.  In fact, we got to the point where we thought it would just be odd if we DID end up having a boy.

Flash forward a few more years and SURPRISE!  Esther!  You have a baby boy!  He is 4 yrs. old and a big ole pot of CRAZY!

His loves are first and foremost, his MOMMA!  Then his blankie, and then SUPERHEROES!


I have to admit that I absolutely love this!  His room is very Superheros meets Andy’s Room from Toy Story.


When deciding on a color scheme, I felt that it had to be no other than blue and red, with touches of green.


We had to have a section for his ball caps too!  By the way, his collection is very much influenced by his Daddy………..  hence the Yankees caps!  😀


No Superhero room would be complete without a BOOM!  sign.  I couldn’t find a POW! one, so I have a sweet friend that is going to paint one for me instead.

The wall’s paint color is called November Skies, by Benjamin Moore.


I’m sure by the time we are finished, we will have a huge wall full of Superheroes to watch over my sleeping baby boy at night.


Thankfully, the toys haven’t gotten out of control just yet.  I found that cool metal cage at Homegoods and attached it to the wall for shoe storage.


I really heart that little boy!  He truly is “OuR LiTTle SuPeRHeRo!”

Sources for items in the room:

Boat Picture over bed – Homegoods

BOOM! Sign – Homegoods

Our Little Superhero – Homegoods

Batman Lunchbox – Old Navy

Red Curtains – Target

Red and Blue Toy Boxes with Chalkboard Fronts – Homegoods

*If there is anything I missed in the room and you would like to know where it was bought, leave a comment and I’ll let you know!  🙂


Happy Decorating!



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