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Family Rooms


New house Kitchen/Family Room Design

So, we are going to be moving in the next few weeks and I am very excited!

So excited, that I am already trying to decorate my house.  You know, the one I haven’t even moved into yet.  I’m doing that because that is the kind of stuff I do.

I decorate it in my head and then REdecorate it again and again and again.

However, I am having somewhat of a problem.  I have decorated a certain way in my “now” kitchen and I’m thinking about changing it up in my “new” one.

Here is my “NOW” kitchen photo:

While I have loved this color scheme, the new kitchen has a darker wood color.  I’m not in love with it, so I’m thinking about putting my “painter” hubby to work and have him paint the cabinets. › Continue reading

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