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Baby Back Ribs


Z’s Yummy to my Tummy Ribs!

Let me just start by saying we love RIBS!  We are definitely in the “carnivore” family.  I tried it once….. LITERALLY ONCE in the “herbivore” family and I think it lasted all of 24 hours and that is stretching it.

I have nothing against Vegetarians.  In fact, I eat A LOT of veggies, but I just can’t cut out meat.

So!  I find it only fitting to showcase, what I like to call my hubby’s “Yummy to my Tummy Ribs”!

I feel like they are perfect for a Southern Cookout!

I really love these things!

He tries to give me all the credit, but the truth is…..  I PREP……  HE COOKS!

Here is what WE do:

Take a pack of baby back ribs.  I shop at Sam’s Club a lot, so I always find a pack of 3 slabs there. › Continue reading

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