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Wooden Boot Jack


Fun Christmas Presents: (Boot Jewelry)

I was in my local western store the other day and as I was checking out at the counter, I spotted a pair of boots with a piece of jewelry on them!

Now maybe I’m a little late at this, but I thought that was the COOLEST THING I had ever seen!

I mean, why didn’t I think of this?

Everybody knows I love to wear my boots.

Let’s be honest, sometimes those boots need a little sprucing up!

They had different styles.

They even had some rhinestone ones, but this one caught my eye the most.

It even looked good on my flashier boots.

I think the best part is that you can wear it with either a plain or a dressier outfit.

It would be great for when you wear your boots with a sundress!

I also picked this up while I was there.

Girls!  Listen up!

Y’all need one of these handy things for when someone else isn’t around to help you!

It is hard enough sometimes to get those darn things off WITH someone’s help.

You know, you know what I’m talking about.

Watch and learn:

Step on…..

Insert foot…..

Pull foot out!

OMG!  Do you realize how much this has changed my LIFE????!!!!????????

Better diagram of how footing is.

(I probably could have done this to begin with, but that just wouldn’t be me)

I caution you, however!


You will hurt yourself.


Let’s recap:

“Boot Jewelry”!!!



Christmas Present!

Got at my local Western Store, Wild West.

$19.99 each

Wooden Boot Jack

$9.50 each

P.S. I also tried these with my regular fashion boots and I think they looked good too.

Now go do more Christmas Shopping!


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