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Wedding Dress


Happy Anniversary, Love Sugarbear

So, eleven years ago today, it happened.  On a Hot, Sunny Southern Day in April….. (Which shouldn’t have been 90 degrees, by the way)  a young girl married her Good Ole Southern Boy.

As she walked down the isle, she suddenly had a flash back that took her to the smoke filled pool room where they first met.  (I know, romantic)  I mention that here and how proud my parents were.

She remembered asking a guy if his friend was interested in her sister.  When she turned to walk away, that same guy stopped her and started to engage her in a conversation.  She remembered that first butterfly  she instantly felt and how she laughed more that night than she had ever remembered doing before.

Wedding 1

She remembered their first date at the dirty little Mexican Restaurant they loved and how their favorite song was “God Only Knows” by the Beach Boys………

Wedding 2

(And how they grossed people out when they would kiss……???)

She thought about all their hopes and dreams and if they would one day come true……..

Wedding 6

She thought about her wedding dress and how her daddy would give her away.  She thought about how one day she would KILL to be able to get into that wedding dress again………  (just sayin)

Then she started to pray…….

Wedding 3

She prayed that he wouldn’t stuff cake in her face and mess up her makeup……

Wedding 4

She prayed that he would find her to be the most beautiful woman in the world that day……

That he would love her forever………

Even if she was an ugly crier……..

Looked like a Swollen Oompa Loompa when pregnant with all 3 of their babies…….

Picked on her when she ate a plate FULL of biscuits.  (What?   I love biscuits!)

And when she got cranky in the morning……

Wedding 5

And she prayed he would NEVER stop making her laugh.  (Whether it was at herself or at him.)


Well, sweetheart……..  Thank you being the yin to my yang, an awesome husband, friend, companion, competitor (we take no prisoners in Wii Snowball Fight!), and father to our children……

and my Knight in Shining Armor,


And thank you for ALWAYS  continuing to make me laugh……

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.





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