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Timothy Dalton


Happy 50th Anniversary!

So, this is kind of a random post for me.  It isn’t related to decorating, recipes, kids, fashion, or even Beauty.


Maybe that last one.  You will find out what I mean in a second.


Nope!  I found out that today is the Anniversary of something.  Something everyone has heard of in one shape or form.


I’ll give you a hint!

“Shocking.  Positively Shocking.”

(No?  Not yet?)

Ok, then.  What about……

“Vodka Martini.  Shaken, not stirred!”

(Still? Nothing?)

Ok, then What about……




That’s right, ladies!  Oh!  And gentlemen.

It’s Happy 50th Anniversary to the James Bond Films.

SO!  I thought it would be fun to play a little game.  Let’s call it, “The Best of Bond….. James Bond!”

Who do you think was “the best” James Bond????

This question gets asked a lot, but since I have never asked it …. this gives me the right to do so.

So, do you think Bachelor # 1  ???

Roger Moore ?

or Bachelor # 2 ???


( Timothy Dalton )

or Bachelor # 3 ????

( Pierce Brosnan )

or Bachelor # 4 ???



Oops!  How did he get in there???  My bad…

I meant,

( Daniel Craig )


OR……..  Last, but DEFINITELY not least…..

May I present Bachelor # 5

The one and only,

( in my best Scottish accent)  SEAN CONNERY!

I thought I would just leave you with this picture burned into your memory!

Happy 50th Boys!


F.Y.I.  – I know I didn’t technically list all the dudes who played Bond.  I only listed the important ones.  Please do not take offense to this.  ; )


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