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How to sell your home FAST!


How we sold our house in 10 DAYS!!!!!

How to sell your home…. fast

I have to say that I cannot believe I’m actually sitting here writing this post about how we sold our house in ONLY 10 DAYS!!!!


Well, on that note, I guess I should probably back up a smidgen, right?

SO!  A couple of months ago, we decided to sell our house.

I was really very happy at our home, but then the developer who originally built the homes in our community decided to start building again.  I had a side street that pretty much went to no where, so I knew that the possibility of the street actually going “somewhere” one day was a reality.

I just didn’t realize that the somewhere was on the side of my house and the back of my house.  I basically was going to have a street on ALL sides of my home.  I looked at the plans and I was HORRIFIED to find this out.  🙁

I just couldn’t see how it would be safe for my kids to play amongst all this.  I knew I wouldn’t feel good about just letting them run around with all of that going on.  So, we made the big decision to put our house on the market.

Then, we went under contract in only 10 DAYS, Y’ALL!

I want to add that I scoured the internet for ideas on how to do this and I feel like I took away some good tips that I REALLY want to share with you!

So, here it is!


I kept the foyer/entry way as clutter free (you might see this word a lot!)  as possible.

Usually, you would see book bags, toys, and coats overflowing on the coat rack, but I made sure this did not happen while we were showing.

To be honest, probably one of the first things I did was rent a storage unit.  I know you may think to yourself that you can just stick things somewhere, but the problem is ….. it’s not like company is coming for dinner and you can cram those dirty clothes or toys into a closet or another room.  The potential buyers are going to be looking in that closet or room you try to cram the dirty clothes and toys into!  YIKES!  THERE IS NO WHERE TO HIDE!!!!

You really have to get the stuff out of your house all together.  I’m not saying put your dirty clothes in a storage unit, but I am saying put anything that you don’t necessarily use every day or might not use for at least the next couple of months in there.

To see more of what I did,  I decided to go a little more in depth in this video.

You can check it out here:

I am going to put together a “Part 2” to this video so that you can see what I did with the rest of the house.  The concept is not much different, but I do have other rooms like the dreaded KIDS ROOMS that I had to tackle.  Not to mention my office, which always looked like a bomb went off in it.  😉

Until next time y’all!





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