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Reconnecting with Old Friends………. AND A FREE GIVEAWAY!

You know I love you, right?

Well, because I love you and I care about the way you look, I’m going to share a great find with you!

But before I do that, I just want to say I love reconnecting with old friends.  I especially love reconnecting with old friends and finding out that they have an Etsy Shop!


Even more than that….  (get to it Esther!)…..  I love finding out that their Etsy Shop has tons of things in it that I, myself would use.  So, I know you will too!

And your sister and your mom and your mom’s sister!  😉


Look at these adorable headbands!  Liz has been making them for a while and just recently decided to start her shop so she could share her cute designs with everyone else.  You can check out Liz’s shop, at  Your Mane Squeeze.  If you don’t see something there you like, she can do custom orders as well.

It was so hard to choose a favorite.


This is probably the only time you will catch me taking “selfies” of myself!  It feels very awkward!  LOL!  I just had to let you see them on though.  I love the cute look this pink one gives.  They have a “No-Slip” interior fabric that allows them to stay in place and they REALLY DO!


Or the Retro Vibe this one gives off.  I have a passion for polka-dots!


My oldest loves them too!  She has wanted to wear them to school all week!


I absolutely LOVE this Chevron pattern.  See!  Told you!  Can’t pick a favorite.


She loves them just as much as I do!


I hope she understands that all of these DO NOT belong to her!


Now, remember how much I love YOU?  Well, I have some FANTASTIC NEWS!

I am going to pick one lucky reader and give them a FREE HEADBAND of their choice!

Just go to Babies & Biscuits Facebook page and leave a comment of this post.  Tell me your favorite Halloween Candy! Tomorrow morning at 10am, I’ll put everyone’s name who commented into a hat and draw one name at random!


I don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to win one of Your Mane Squeeze’s Headbands, so if you haven’t already done so, go to my Facebook page and make sure you “Like” the page so you don’t miss any updates on the Giveaway!


Because Liz loves you just as much as I do, she has lovingly agreed to give a sweet little discount to all of Babies & Biscuits’ Readers!!!

For Today through Sunday only, she will be offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders!  Her headbands move FAST, so make sure you get the one you want NOW!

Just enter BabiesandBiscuits into the coupon code for your free shipping!  Please make sure you do not use any spaces and please be sure to also note whether it is for an adult or a child, as she can make them smaller for children.

*Liz has new fabric coming in all the time, so make sure to check back often as her inventory grows!






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Christmas: Chalkboard Decorating

I love my little Chalkboard that I bought from Etsy last year.

Come to think of it, I just love Chalkboards in general.

They are so much fun to play with and they work for any season.

Whether you just want to write down a shopping list, or if you want to give your kids a cool spot to draw!


Since our “Theme” for Christmas is the Grinch who Stole Christmas, I figured I would quote him.

Now, I did my best attempt at fitting the whole quote on the board.

I started out larger than I should have and realized that as I started to get towards the bottom.

By the end, I was itty bitty, but I didn’t erase and start over because, umm… well….

“That was the look I was going for?”

Yup!  That’s it!

Have fun with it!


Add an ornament here or there.

Use different sayings.  Famous quotes from Christmas movies past are the best!

I think I am even going to use this quote on the Teacher Christmas Presents my little ones do.

(Other than the fact that I just realized I misspelled Virginia,)

This one reminds me of a time when I was little when I wrote Santa a letter and asked him if he was real.

I think we all have that moment at some point.

I remember getting a rolled up typed letter that was secured by a single red ribbon.

It was addressed:  Dear Esther,

It went on to talk about how he was just as real as I was and how he believed in me just like I believed in him……

I found out my mother typed that letter…..



OK, Moving on!  : D

You should, however, be warned.

If you leave your Chalkboard left alone for any length of time, it could end up like this….



Hearts drawn all over it.

Pretty sure she is the culprit….

Come to think of it, it’s not so bad.

Think I’ll keep it.  : )

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