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Burlap Wreaths

When I went to my friends house the other day, I noticed her adorable wreath on her front door.

It was made from Burlap and had the cutest “B” hanging on it for their last name.  The first thing I said to her when I came in was, ” I MUST HAVE A WREATH LIKE THAT!”

I asked  her where she got it and to my Horror, she said she made it!  I say Horror because while I like to think of myself as creative, I have never tried to make a wreath before.  However, the Horror changed to Delight when she told me she would make me one.  Well two, since I have a double front door now on my house.

Which (sidebar) reminds me!  Double front doors are beautiful!  In fact, they are fantastic!  You can open both when bringing in furniture so you no longer scrape door ways.  They have a grand appearance as well.


You always have to buy two of every stinkin kind of decoration so that it looks proportioned.  Which translates into lots and lots of $.

I’m lucky my good friend loves me and agreed to make them for me for cost.  Even if she didn’t, in my opinion they are VERY  reasonable.  Especially considering their size.  She starts with a 22in. grapevine wreath for the base.  Adding the burlap makes it even larger!

She makes and sells one of these for $50 each.  Here is a link to her Facebook page:!/KDiddlespropshop?fref=ts

She is awesome and doesn’t just make wreaths, so check it out.



(Apparently, you also have to get 2 welcome door mats or it doesn’t look proportioned!!!)




This is the cute little “Z” she put for mine.  I’m thinking about attaching Halloween ornaments for a seasonal look.  Regardless, this is a “year round” look, but especially great for the Fall and Winter.





This is the first wreath’s little sister, so she doesn’t get lonely.



And (second side bar) , this was my breakfast this past Saturday morning.





Don’t judge me!




Happy Monday Everyone!  : )




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