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Beach Glass


Spring Style

Having a conversation this morning with a friend made me think of High School.

I remember it was always a game of who spent MORE  and the MOST  on their look. Be it shoes, pants, tops……

As a parent and adult, I now see how stupid and crazy we all were.  LOL!  As a parent and adult, it literally scares the hibigeebees out of my wallet that I have 2 girls who will one day very soon (sooner than I would like) be entering that same type of High School where I hope that same game is no longer played.  (One can dream, right?)


As adults, instead of bragging about who spent the most for stuff, we are (first of all) embarrassed if we had to, and now only boast about who got the best deal!  I like this game much better.

That’s right you crazy kids!  It is COOL  to get things on the cheap!

So, I thought in honor of Spring and in honor of the fact that I knew there was a reason I didn’t care for High School (LOL!) , I thought I would share some of my favorite clothing deals going on right now!

old navy topold navy shorts


Cute Jersey Top from Old Navy on sale right now for only $7.00.

Fun Boyfriend Shorts also at Old Navy for $24.94.

Pair it with a fun pair of Converse in Beach Glass for only $29.99 plus free shipping at the Website, 6pm.  *Sale ends tomorrow night at 11:59pm, so hurry!

Forever 21 topStriped pant

Love this Ruffled Tank from Forever 21 for only $14.80.

Pair it with this pair of Striped Khakis from Gap for $49.95.

old navy 2

I know this may seem like I am trying to give free advertising to Old Navy, but trust me on this top.  I had a version of this when I was pregnant and I loved it!  After I had my babies, I did the whole “I’m going to just wear my maternity clothes forever thing” , but even though it was considered maternity, it still looked good!  I searched high and low for a regular non pregnant version of this and didn’t have any luck.

This top is SOOOOOO forgiving and flattering.  Let’s be honest, we all want a top like that, right?  It has ruching on the bust area that always works for a great look!  Wanna know the best part????  HuH?  It’s only $10!  Some colors are even as low as $7!  Check it out here, but please leave some for me!  : )


Even if you don’t shop at Forever 21, they have some really cute jewelry and hair accessories you should check out for CHEAP prices!

This Pearled Headband and Hair Bow are only $2.80.  FYI:  I get a lot of my little girl’s hairbows from here and we even share them.


I hope this gives you a few ideas to get you started on your Spring look ideas!

Let me know what you think and if you see any more deals, share them with me!




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