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Smiles are Contagious

Every morning when I take my girls to school, I see this boy.  He walks alone behind another group of boys always hanging his head down and never making eye contact with anyone.  My heart breaks everytime I see this boy.  He  probably has other friends that he sees when he gets to school.

Even though this is probably true….  still,  I silently pray everytime I see him that God will bring him a friend to talk to.  Or, even better, if God would make one of those boys walking with the group in front of him, wise up and include him.


This morning, I saw that same boy walking with another boy.  They were talking, smiling, and laughing.  I didn’t recognize the new boy he was talking to, but all I could do was smile myself.


boys walking 2

*It’s amazing what a simple conversation can do.  Smiles are BEAUTIFUL and CONTAGIOUS .  Why not try and make someone smile today?  You might just smile too!   ; )






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