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“I remember what I was doing the day the Twin Towers fell” is usually how the conversation starts this day every year.



However, not for me.  Not today.


Rather, mine would go something like, ” I remember where I was when I was so moved, that I stopped my car on the side of the road at an overpass and started to take pictures.”


I saw this man, standing alone on top of the overpass with just the American Flag to keep him company.

He hardly spoke, but he didn’t have to.  The symbol for which he stood for there on that overpass said enough.

He gave me a  simple yes to my question when I asked him if I could take his picture.


Down the road, not even a quarter of a mile, stood another man.  I was simply amazed that here were two different men in different stages of their lives, both standing there for the same purpose.  Yet neither saw eachother even though they were so close to one another.

I particularly loved his choice of using a fishing rod to hold up his flag. (Only in the South!) 

Practically everyone who passed, honked their horn for him when driving by.

The man who hardly spoke did  say something to me as I was leaving.

When thanking him for letting me take his picture, he simply said, “Never Forget.”

To that I simply responded, “No, sir.  I’ll NEVER  Forget.”

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1 Comment to NEVER FORGET!

  1. Hey Es, thanks so much for sharing. Yes, today is a sad day for the entire world but we need to be thankful to be alive today and never forget that we all experience that together and brought us together and made us stronger. I too can remember what I was doing that day but I rather be thankful for my friends, family and God. Love you girl…

  2. Maria Mitchell on September 11th, 2012
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