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How to Style a Low Bun

It’s the perfect season for easy and elegant up-dos. Maybe you are getting your outfit together for a friends wedding or for your senior prom. Here’s a simple style for a cute low bun, you could dress this up with little flower blooms or ribbon!

1. Seperate a few thick strands from the top of your head (where your part naturally ends) and tease them by brushing the hair up toward your head. 2. Pull your hair down, styling it into a low pony tail. 3. Fluff up the teased part of your hair. 4. Now that you have a volumnious low pony tail use a hair tie to keep it in place. 5. Seperate the hair of your pony tail in half, tease the upper half. 6. Use the lower half (the unteased hair) and flip over the top or your teased bun. 7. Wrap hair around the base of your bun and pin it in place. 8. Style any loose strands.


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1 Comment to How to Style a Low Bun

  1. Yum for buffalo chicken dip!! So yummy

  2. netherlad on June 5th, 2012
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