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Hand Printed Table Runner DIY

We created this simple, tribal-inspired table runner for Emma’s home. With a technique similar to our Heart Blanket DIY, see what different pieces you can create by choosing different colors and shapes! Enjoy…

1.Supplies: Table runner, paint, paintbrush, cardboard, cork, scissors and glue. 2. Begin by cutting out a shape with the cardboard. To create a design similar to ours, one side of your stamp should be a straight line (to be placed against the edge of the table runner). This will be your stamp! 3. Next glue the cardboard onto a cork, creating a handle to make the stamping easy. Allow it to dry completely. 4. Begin stamping all along the edge of the runner, filling in any splotchy parts with a paintbrush. Allow to dry completely before displaying your new table runner (check your paint bottle for dry times).

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