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Fruits of Our Labor

This weekend we decided it was time to pick some of the things we have growing in our garden.  The collards have been ready for a while now but I wanted to save them for Easter dinner.  We picked a bunch of romaine lettuce for caesar salads, too.  The radishes and carrots have been a lesson learned.  We have grown 99% of the things we have from seeds and Todd starts them all in little peat cups so he can just drop them in the beds when they’re ready.  They dissolve over time.  Apparently that’s a bad idea for root vegetables because they grow faster than the cups dissolve  so the cups have restricted their growth.  Luckily Florida has many, many more months of growing season and plenty of time to grow more.

TONS of cucumber blossoms!  I can’t wait to make pickles!  We planted the watermelon plants this weekend too.  Todd has done such a great job with our garden.  It really is a lot of work but it’s so fun to see everything grow and then be able to cook it.

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