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Dad’s Fish Fry


Well, my Mom and Dad visited this weekend and I was sooooo happy to see them.  They only live 3 hours away, but 3 hours is still 3 hours no matter how you look at it and I was tickled to be able to see them.

The last time they came down, we had a fish fry and it was absolutely amazing!  My daddy sure can fry some fish.

SO!  We decided to make that a tradition from now on when they come down.  Mom made her corn cake fritters to go along with it and it was perfect.



Here is what we did!


First, dad took the catfish and rinsed them really well.

Then he coated them in seafood breader.  *Mom wanted me to make a point to say that they usually ONLY use “Atkinson” brand.  However, all we could find down here was Moss’ brand and her picky little heart just had to settle.  FYI:  It was still REALLY good!

Coat them really well. 

THIS well!

This picture makes me want to sing, “Daddy’s Haaaaaaaaaands, were soft and kind when I was cryin.  Daddy’s Haaaaaaands…..”  (Sorry, just thought I would share)

On to the frying!  Dad likes to use peanut oil to fry in.  It has a higher smoking point,  so it has a less tendency to burn the fish if cooking for long periods of time and gives it great flavor.  I know that a lot of people have allergies these days to peanut oil, so substitute vegetable oil if this is the case.

You can fry between four and five pieces at a time depending on the size of your frying pan.  Make sure not to overcrowd the pan.  If you do, it will bring your temperature down and the fish may not cook correctly.

Fry smaller pieces of fish between 2-3 minutes.  Fry larger pieces of fish between 3-4 minutes PER SIDE. 

 When fish are finished cooking, it is a great idea to drain them on a wired cooling rack so that the grease can drain and the fish stay crispy.

This is what they will look like!  Yummy, right?  RIGHT???

Now onto mom’s corn cake fritters…….

First take some corn meal. 

Then, mix with some water and some salt to taste.

It should be about the consistancy of thick grits.

Now, heat some oil and drop in spoon fulls at a time making sure again, to not overcrowd.

Cook 3-4 minutes per side.

They should be a pretty golden color when finished.

I was told once that it was against the law to have fried fish without coleslaw.  I wouldn’t want to get in trouble, so….

Say “Hi!”, dad.

Say, “Hi!”, dad’s 6 pounds of fish!

Hope you guys try this yummy Fish Fry recipe.

Recipe:  Dad’s Fish Fry


–  3-4 lbs. of white fish cut into pieces (we used catfish)

–  1 cup seafood breader to coat

–  salt/pepper

–  peanut oil or vegetable oil for frying


Clean fish by rinsing with water.  Do not dry.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Coat with seafood breader. (Breader will adhere to fish because of being wet from rinsing with water).

Meanwhile, fill pan with oil until about 2 inches deep.  Heat oil over medium high heat to around 350 degrees.

*Always drop fish in and away from you.  This way, if any hot grease splatters up, it will most likely do so away from you.

Fry small pieces of fish 2-3 minutes total.  Fry larger pieces of fish 3-4 minutes PER SIDE.

Drain fish on a wire cooling rack to get a crispier crust.


Recipe:  Mom’s Corn Cake Fritters



–  2 cups cornmeal

–  water

–  1 tablespoon of salt

–  peanut oil or vegetable oil for frying



Combine cornmeal and salt.  Add water until cornmeal mixture becomes the consistancy of thick grits.

Fill frying pan with 2 inches of oil and heat on medium high heat to around 350 degrees.

To test oil, drop a small amount of batter into oil and if bubbles form around batter instantly, oil is ready.  If not, wait a few minutes and try again.

Fry 2-3 minutes per side until golden.



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