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Buttermilk Quick Biscuits

It’s no secret that I like  LOVE biscuits.

I have loved them for as long as I can remember.  In fact, if I were in a prison that only offered biscuits and water, I would be good!  Yes!  I know, it’s supposed to be bread and water, but this is my blog post and I say it’s BISCUITS!


My mom taught me how to make these.  This is how she always makes her biscuits.  Somehow  hers always seem to be better, but I guess everything is better at mom’s, right?

These little babies are not the pretty little things you get when you go to a restaurant.  That is for another blog post.

However, these are the yummy little things  you get when you have a hankering for some biscuits in a flash!

Only 3 ingredients!  Now who doesn’t love that?

Here is what I did:

First, I sifted 2 cups of Self-Rising flour into what I like to call my “biscuit making bowl”. › Continue reading

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Lovin on some Salad Dressing

Well, good morning!

I just wanted to talk about this new salad dressing I have fallen in love with recently.

I was cruising the aisles of my local grocery store when I came upon it.

It sounded great, so I snagged one…… only to go back a day later and snag a few more!

BEHOLD!  Braswell’s Salad dressing! › Continue reading


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Work it Girl!

My girls were visiting my mom and dad in NC all last week, so naturally I was excited!

Mainly because I was going to be able (in my head) to do ANYTHING I wanted to.  Of course, I still had their brother, who at the time I still called “my sweet little baby”.

We were going to go shopping and go to the pool and I was going to blog a lot and we were going to relax.


I should probably back up and tell you that we decided to put our house on the market on July 1st mainly because the walls were starting to close in on us.  When you have 3 children and your house is tiny and the noise in it echoes like you are in the Grand Canyon and your blood pressure starts to get dangerously high as a result……….  IT’S TIME TO MOVE!!!

Problem was, in our area, if you move down the road, you are practically in another school district.  Since I didn’t want the girls to have to change schools and neither did they, we figured we would be sitting still for a while longer.


Mr. Opportunity came a knockin!

Our good friends who literally lived down the same street, and who have a much bigger house than ours, decided to drop the price of their home and WE POUNCED!  They were even sweet enough to make our offer contingent on us selling our house first.  (which practically doesn’t happen now a days giving our economy right now)

We put our house on the market and THE DAY I get back from dropping my girls off at their Nana and Pop Pop’s, we got an offer and now I have to pack.

Which, by the way I am TOTALLY over already and cannot stand!  Did I mention I have only packed one box?  Oh well…..  Atleast we are only moving down the street.

The Point is….

I DIDN’T get to anything I wanted!

I DIDN’T get to go shopping!

I DIDN’T get to go to the pool!

I DIDN’T get to blog AT ALL!

And the little boy who I USED TO CALL “sweet little baby” has now been renamed to “LITTLE DEMON CHILD!”


I did manage to go and get a quick hair cut that I have been obsessing over for a while now.  I finally took the plunge and did it!

“D.J.!  Drop that beat!”

You better Work.

Work it Girl.

Do your thing on the Runway. › Continue reading

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Easy Peasy Collard Greens


Let me just say that I have always loved Collards.  Let me also say that I have always been intimidated to cook them.

Oh!  I’ve tried!

I’ve tried ALL sorts of ways, but it wasn’t until my mom came down for a visit, that I finally found the EASIEST way on earth to fix them.

I had this huge pre-washed, pre-cut bag of Collard Greens in my fridge that I had to fix very soon, or they would go bad.  I bought them on my last trip to Sam’s Club (yes! I’m a Sam’s girl).  I had seen them and feeling pretty ambitious, bought them only to get home later, feel intimidated again, and toss them in the fridge.

I said, “MOM!  I don’t have any fat back or bacon or anything you use to cook them.”


She says, “Well, do you have any bacon grease?”

Now, growing up, my mom used to always drain her grease from frying bacon, put it in the fridge to solidify and then use it later to make her eggs.  I definitely don’t use this method myself to make eggs, BUT!  I do drain it, put it in the fridge until it solidifies, and then throw it away, so nothing goes down the kitchen sink!


So I thought, “WHY YES!  I DO!”


SO!  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what we did and I will continue to cook my Collards this way from now until forever:


I took that big ole bag of collard greens.  Don’t fret!  They will cook down kinda like spinach. › Continue reading

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